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Clothes Dryer

We’ve all been there. You go to get your clothes out of the dryer and they’re still wet. Your dryer used to dry the clothes in one cycle, but lately it’s been slacking.

There’s good news! You may not have to go out to the store and start appliance shopping. Poor dryer venting is one of the main causes of an ineffective dryer. Did you know that poor dryer venting can also be a fire risk? When dryer vents are made of materials other than rigid metal, lint can accumulate along the ridges and in sags caused by the lightweight material of cheaper dryer vents.

Clothes dryer venting - Poor Conditions

If you have anything other than rigid metal dryer vent, you could be at risk. The fix is generally easy and can be accomplished by most handy DIY folks. Simply remove and replace the old flex vent with rigid metal duct. It is good practice to keep the length, or “run”, as short as possible and reduce the number of 90 degree turns.